Our Fees

There is no charge for an initial consultation.

We require a minimum of a $500 retainer and a signed professional service agreement before any casework will begin.

General Investigative Fee

Our regular investigative rate, for a senior member of the firm,  is $120 an hour, for each assigned investigator, plus all expenses and .75 for each mile driven.  An hourly rate of $80 an hour will apply for a junior investigator.  Our fee for records retrieval is $80 an hour, plus all expenses and .75 for each mile driven.

Locate An Individual Fee

Our fee to locate an individual is $175 in the form of a retainer before we begin work.  If we locate the individual, then an additional $100 fee will be due, bringing the total to $275, plus all database expenses,  for a successful locate.  If we are unable to locate the individual, there will be no additional charge after the basic $175 retainer.  The initial $175 fee guarantees you one and one half hour of quality investigative time and our best effort to facilitate the locate.

Major case investigations, those that will require a considerable amount of investigative time, will require a considerably larger retainer.  Please inquire.

We prefer all payments to us be made through Western Union.  We prefer not to deal with personal or company checks, money orders, credit cards, etc.  If you are not able to use Western Union for payment, then we will accept a money order.  We will not begin the investigation until we are certain your money order has cleared. 

Western Union makes it extremely easy for consumers to send payments via their internet or telephone service.  Using your credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover), you can quickly (within minutes) send payments by dialing 1-800-CALL CASH (1-800-225-2274) or going online to:   www.westernunion.com

All payments should be addressed to:  John P. Belich, St. Petersburg, FL.